Press release exhibition

Paolo Bongianino. Images and emotions 

edited by Elena Amodeo e Vittorio Schieroni

Made4Art space in Milano is happy to present a personal exhibition of Paolo Bongianino (1956) an artist and photographer edited by Vittorio Schieroni and Elena Amodeo.

Paolo Bongianino research is centered on the relationship between images and the effects evoked on the observers. Urban environment, sensitive landscapes, flower arrangements with bright colors, doors and gates which seem encase the histories of a place and people who lived it: these are the main subjects which characterised the unpublished works selected by the editors of this exhibition. Images capable of producing sensations, of stirring emotion, arousing surprise, bringing back memories to memory: variable reactions depending on the observer, in relation with personal experience and life.

Paolo Bongianino eyes and lens picture the subject with curiosity and deep awareness, catching play between light and shadow,, relations with colors, or taking advantage of elegant black and white. The result is a kaleidoscope of images capable of stimulation the imagination of the observer, going deep in everyone inwardness, between thought and emotion.

The exhibition will take place at Made4Art art gallery (Milano, Via Voghera 14 entrance in via Cerano), opening Tuesday November 25th, 2014 at 6,30 pm, it can be seen until Thursday December 11th, 2014. On Thursday December 11th a special Christmas Cocktail will take place at 7,00 pm at Castelli Gourmet – Castelli Gallery lounge bar (Milano Via Cerano 15, few meters from the art gallery).

At Castelli Gourmet – Castelli Gallery lounge bar in the event of the Christmas Cocktail a new selection of works of Paolo Bongianino will be displayed until January 2015, natural extension and development of the exhibition formerly presented at the gallery, also the exhibition at Castelli Gourmet – Castelli Gallery lounge bar is organized by Made4Art with Elena Amodeo and Vittorio Schieroni editing. 

Exibition brochure can be downloaded directly by this link