Immaginiedemozioni” “images&emotions,” the name of this site, conjures up from the outset the binomial connection between the image and what it evokes in the viewer.

The image alone is not enough, it must somehow set the imagination in motion and stir the viewer’s emotions: every time  this happens I have achieved the objective I set up for myself when I shot the picture. This simultaneity does not always occur, but it does happen, more often than I might imagine.

Image and emotion: this is the summary of my approach to photography.

The subject can be a landscape, a flower, an insect, a detail, a sunset or sunrise,  night time, but also the urban environment I experience in everyday life, as well as work or manufacturing environments.

In my site “Immaginiedemozioni”, I offer a selection of my pictures -those I deem best realize my goal, grouped by thematic areas- with the hope of making them come alive in different settings as part of the décor.

I offer fine art and conventional prints, with a penchant for the former.

Each subject will not be reproduced more than 10 times in fine art printing, with the option of exclusive single printing if the subject has not been printed in fine art yet.